Well I suppose its time to put my final shots

I’ve got everything now, uploaded unedited shots as I’m entirely sure on the rights policies of wordpress. And that should be everything…

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Remaining lot

These are the last 2 shoots combined, so I’ve all the photos I’ll be using. Slightly disappointing about the clear distinction between ground and background, will have to edit that to smooth it out.

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Last minute destruction

Just some more destroying of objects as a few were less photogenic than I’d anticipated. Also some studio. Nearly infished just a few corrections to go before the editing begins.


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Yet more studio work

Another shoot, many of these are nearly at the level I want for the submissions, but I needed to retake a few thanks to lack of focus and many were not straight. Only 1 or two of these got in.


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Opps forgot some

Despite forgetting to put these in the previous post, I’m rather happy that I can spotlight the teddy and the shoes in a separate post, shots from both these lots got into the final submission and were used to really set the tone of the remaining ones.

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First studio objects shoot

Here is my first object photoshoot, covering both some studio work, and the process of torture for each object. Very happy with the teddy and the shoe photos,some of these shots got into my final submission

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Teddy Bears

At this point it was suggested to me that I go beyond the flowers and look at displacing other objects. So I’ve gone with a few different teddy bears and a heat gun to see what would happen. Quite pleased with how these early shots for this took me.

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Another flowershoot (backlog)

So here is my following shoot of flowers, I believe these ones are much much better than the previous lot, the use of Camillas takes these to a new level of feeling like gore. Although I must admit the fake blood left in these shots on the plate is quite disappointing and more often than not was distracting

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Roses with lighting (backlog)

Above you’ll see some of my roses. These are just some experiments with lighting. Tinkering with the lighting studio. I’ve found I’m quite partial to 1 directional lighting, usually disliking the more even ones as the shadows help give a creepy edge to it, and the less harsh light actually sometimes makes things look more meaty. Although the tray’s dirtiness might be an issue

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Some thoughts on a new semester (backloged)

Some reflections

Thoughts on last semesters photos (informed partially by crit)
-Very much on the right track
-Less about what I originally envisaged, being about beauty, but more about repulsion and attraction. Beautiful and inviting to look at until you notice the grotesque.

Humanistic elements, almost as if from the inside of anyone. Grotesque from the combination of animal and vegetable.

An element of defilement is also part of the work, an active role has been played in their change rather than simple withering.

Involuntary sculpture

The work has a strong surrealist element to it aswell

So … Things to look up
Irving Penn
Joel-Peter Witkin
L’Amour fou : Photography and Surrealism
The grotesque.
The surreal

One of the key things I’ve gained in hindsight and my crit is that I’ve been stuck in what I thought my work was about, even though it’s shifted quite a lot from where it started. So I’ll be re looking at Witkin and the grotesque in general once again, aswell as the surreal

The current idea floating in my head about what I could work on though is extending the combination of the grotesque and the animal/vegetable element by using skin as the background and trying to blur the flower into the skin using photoshop to see if I can intensify that element.

So, next will be some shots experimenting with that idea followed by a brief look at those artists/books/movements.

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