Persona 4, media, and what I’d like to do

Watch this video before we get reading.

Good clip? One of the better video game intros out there, love the pile of tvs at the start, anyway….

Usually, in another blog I’d go into a little detail about the game itself, but the core thing we need to concern ourselves with is the recurring TV motive. One of the core plot points of this game is that a show, “The Midnight Channel” only plays at midnight, and when it’s raining, you will, according to the students “see your love” but in actual fact you see the hidden desires of a character who will be trapped inside the ‘tv world’ and if not saved by you, murdered.

Yes, very anime I know, but as a plot, it actually works really well… Anyway, the TV motive the game uses, along with the idea of our media actually showing our true selves as opposed to just showing an idealised ‘something’ got me thinking about media, and that we are becoming increasingly defined by it. Not just film, music and books, but social media like facebook, twitter and so on. Conversation is turning to be more and more about the media in which we consume, usually with screens…

So, one of the ideas I’m toying with is that of being defined by the media. For instance perhaps something like taking portraits of people and lighting them using only screens of the media they consume, so an ipad with twitter, an mp3 player with music and the back light on, a computer screen, a TV (preferably a  CRT as it’s light should be of a different quality to the other ones, which have a more uniform way of lighting).

so yeah, that’s my prelim idea for now.


About link6616

I am an Assistant Language teacher on the JET Program living in Shikoku Japan. I love games, photography, Japan and musicals!
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