Joel-Peter Witkin

Suggested by like 5 people whenever they see my work, Joel works with the grotesque, be it death, corpses,  or even oddities in humans, like dwarfism or transsexuals or physically deformed people.
A little documentary about him called Vile Bodies

Watching that, and looking at some of his other works, it is stuff I find interesting. Looking at the ‘grotesque’ or deformity not as something to sicken and disgust but as something potentially beautiful we aren’t really used to yet.

So it’s something I should really keep in my mind, despite looking at the theme from an almost opposite angle

On the other hand he has shots like

Which fit better into my work. Here he’s taken what is traditionally associated with beauty and life, the head dress of fruit to celebrate a bountiful harvest. And allowed it to wither and die to create something horrible from it. This work also uses a death mask, which helps make this work all the less easing.


About link6616

I am an Assistant Language teacher on the JET Program living in Shikoku Japan. I love games, photography, Japan and musicals!
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