Some previous ideas and where they went…

I kinda neglected this for a while, so I have to fill in some of the conceptual gaps…

The start is a little better documented… I was looking at the idea of the modern self, one who was defined by the media they consumed as opposed to the actions they took. Some as their facebook page, twitter account, youtube favourites, forums, MMORPG tag and possibly even blog…

I was going to explore this idea by having a subject lit up in only select area’s using screens of devices as light sources… When presenting the idea to my peers it didn’t go over well, and I’d hoped to prove them wrong by pulling it off… But I wasn’t able to make a convincing proof of concept to even convince myself in the end… I do love the idea though, and hope to use it another time in my life.

2nd idea! Following on from the digital self is the idea of consumerism of electronics…  My mother would always tell me whenever I wanted a new gizmo “I’ve had my sewing machine for 20 years and never needed a new one, why should you need a new gizmo already? Don’t they have lasting power.” But during my life I’ve gone from ‘WOW a computer’ to “Oh… your computer is 3 years old? How sad.” And it’s just getting insane, with apples new iphones every year, ipad 2 came out a month later than a year after the first, we are consuming electronics faster than ever. Almost like food.

So, I attempted to try and photograph electronics like food, with terrible results… They just looked like odd photos of tech as opposed to anything else… So, after playing with that for a few weeks I kinda gave up.

So came the petcha kucka! I needed an idea, ANYTHING, as my previous two had been killed, but needed to present AN idea. First thing that came to mind was gamers… I knew of one great series with them to be inspired by (found out about him via a talk by Jane Mcgonigal).

But rather than exploring single people, i wanted to look at community… However one of the largest gaming communities in Tasmania, AICON lans, is basically filled with people afraid of the camera… Making the series impossible when I tried to pull it off…

Then i thought about things for a little while… In my ToP pecha kucha 2 of the pictures taken in japan were pretty well received, not the pictures themselves, but their reason. The reason was (quoted as I can remember it)

“At the time I wasn’t seeing the world as worth living in, so I needed to prove it was. Using the camera as an objective tool (not that it is) I attempted to prove to myself the world was beautiful and worth living in. There were the result of that quest.”

While I’m not following that reasoning it taps into something that I think is really important to me, and makes this series possibly the most close to home I’ve worked on before.

The desire for death is a scary thing. Something horrible, death becomes enticing, something wonderful, life has started to loose it’s value. To start with I was toying with romanticising death, the blood stained wrist with flowers around… But I quickly found the spilt drops on the flower more and more interesting. The blood stained wrist was not supposed to look cut, because a romanised notion of death and suicide is about blood flowing, not about actual injury…

However i do think my more final idea is closer to what i want… I’m making the beautiful, wonderful rose something to be avoided, disgusted, yet with the macro shots, in a sense still beautiful and something you might want to look at. Which is what life is to people sometimes. Something horrible, disgusting, revolting, but just beautiful and interesting enough they can’t let go.

So the shots are of roses made to look disgusting, like internal organs. To help create that association I’ve used white backgrounds and flash photography to create a clinical look, which lends itself to organs/insides/meat a little more. Sadly, I won’t be able to afford a ring flash which is what is actually used for that kind of medical shot…

Series will mostly likely for sem 1 be a series of 10 more zoomed out roses on the white background, with 10 super close up macro shots of them underneath. The more macro shots often have an interesting sense of beauty about them, especially the more moist ones without lots of folds.

Well, that was a long post… Hope that clears up a lot, it certainly cleared up a lot in my mind!


About link6616

I am an Assistant Language teacher on the JET Program living in Shikoku Japan. I love games, photography, Japan and musicals!
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