Eternal Sonata – Death lights

Watch from the 7:09 mark

Then the first 4 minutes of this clip

Just played this scene the other day. Interesting game Eternal Sonata. Brief rundown of the game itself before we get to what’s relevant to me.

Eternal Sonata is a Japanese RPG about the Fredrick Chopin’s final dream, with the entire game taking place within his mind, and he is also an active character within this dream world of his own creation. Chopin died relatively young, and in this fantasy world, the omen of death is the power of magic. Those with the skill will die soon as they have an incurable illness. The game’s core theme is the death of it’s characters and dealing with the fact they will die, but trying to enjoy life despite that. However the knowledge they will die and that it can be shown via magic, gives people a reason to fear these characters.

The idea that you only have magic if you are destined to die is actually a pretty interesting concept. Only those who know how precious life is have the power to do amazing things, other than help themselves. Kinda sad, having power to help others knowing you can’t help yourself.

But, onto the exact relevance! The ‘Death Lights’ are a flower in this universe that is very beautiful, but due to it’s context, it only blooming at night, it’s a fearful plant, with a relation to death as opposed to life with which most beauty is associated with. However in Eternal Sonata death seems to have a frequent relationship with power and beauty. Something very interesting.

And unlike the “death and the beauty’ motif from much art, is not sexualised  as such


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