Some thoughts on a new semester (backloged)

Some reflections

Thoughts on last semesters photos (informed partially by crit)
-Very much on the right track
-Less about what I originally envisaged, being about beauty, but more about repulsion and attraction. Beautiful and inviting to look at until you notice the grotesque.

Humanistic elements, almost as if from the inside of anyone. Grotesque from the combination of animal and vegetable.

An element of defilement is also part of the work, an active role has been played in their change rather than simple withering.

Involuntary sculpture

The work has a strong surrealist element to it aswell

So … Things to look up
Irving Penn
Joel-Peter Witkin
L’Amour fou : Photography and Surrealism
The grotesque.
The surreal

One of the key things I’ve gained in hindsight and my crit is that I’ve been stuck in what I thought my work was about, even though it’s shifted quite a lot from where it started. So I’ll be re looking at Witkin and the grotesque in general once again, aswell as the surreal

The current idea floating in my head about what I could work on though is extending the combination of the grotesque and the animal/vegetable element by using skin as the background and trying to blur the flower into the skin using photoshop to see if I can intensify that element.

So, next will be some shots experimenting with that idea followed by a brief look at those artists/books/movements.


About link6616

I am an Assistant Language teacher on the JET Program living in Shikoku Japan. I love games, photography, Japan and musicals!
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